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As a full services communications company, RIR provides an extensive range of telephony and data equipment, including voice over IP, all serviced and installed by certified technicians.

RIR partners with their manufacturers which include Avaya Communications (formerly Lucent Technologies), Nortel-Bay Networks, Mitel, Panasonic, Cisco and a variety of other market leaders to meet your telecommunications and IT infrastructure needs.

RIR installs, supports and maintains voice and data systems including:



Your business is on the move-ready to seize opportunities-exceed expectations. You are in need of top-quality voice and data products.

You need the services of RIR Communications.

RIR sells state-of-the-art phone systems with an important component: our personal touch. Your purchase of voice and data equipment is merely the beginning of our relationship.

After the sale, you can expect RIR to ensure that your phone system has the right functionality and flexibility for future growth of your business.You can also depend on RIR for personal and technical support when you need it. Like your company, RIR is flexible and capable-but perhaps even better; RIR has your interest at heart and RIR is very reachable because your business problem is our business solution.

RIR is not a huge bureaucracy with quick response to 'important clients' only.

RIR is not a tiny company that is unable to keep pace with your needs. In fact, RIR is just the right sized company equipped with the necessary resources to handle all of your voice and data needs promptly and professionally.

At RIR, every client is an important one. The difference is personal.

Current Job Openings

No Current Open positions but we are growing.

Send us an email to with your pertinent information so that we may contact you about potential employment opportunities. We will contact you if your experience matches our needs.